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Karos Review

Karos is an application designed by Galaxy Gate. Karos was first published on . Karos is accessible on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Karos has gained a living MMORPG classics status. It has amazing fantasy world where you can find the most unusual. Variety of locations, a great number of dungeons and monsters will make you plunge into the world deeply.
PVP plays an important role in the Azmara world (It is the name of the virtual world of Karos). Heroes not only have the chance to fight with each other, but also especially for this they can participate in grand battles and fight at PVP arena. Your character could be totally unique because of character customization, a wide range of costumes and amazing mounts and pets.
The multitude of game professions and classes, epic battles between guilds and factions, dungeon raids, elaborate crafting system and other necessities essential for a modern MMORPG found their flawlessly neat execution in Karos. At the same time it is hardly possible to charge Karos developers with lack of original ideas while there is, for instance, the Fletta system in the game. Currently there are 5 servers for Karos. One of it is new server — Bloodstone. That's where you can start your journey through the world Azmaria.
Karos is one of those games which are easy to learn and are hard to master so it can be equally enjoyed by both novice gamers and warworn vets.


  • F2P with an opportunity to trade in-game money for premium shop currency (Money Auction).
  • Unique Fletta-system: along with experience a player gains magical Fletta-points which can be invested in development of Fletta-skills or used to enchant items in some really special way. The Fletta-enchanted items increase their stats following the character’s levelling progress.
  • Epic battles between factions and guilds for total dominion over castles and mines which can generate significant income for the conqueror.
  • 4 races, 7 classes, 42 professions with 12 unique superskills for each class.
  • With the advanced crafting system a player can create some really wear-worthy equipment.
  • Various PvE and PvP modes: from face-to-face duel to devastating siege with unlimited participants.
  • Constantly issued large-scale updates.
  • Ongoing in-game events and 24/7 support service.


3 / 5

Karos Logo
Author: Galaxy Gate
Size: 5 GB available space

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