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Magic Technology Review

Magic Technology is an application by Vulkano Forge. Magic Technology was first published on . Magic Technology is currently available for Steam.

We launch a widespread Tower Defense tournament that will be held in Single player mode on a popular MOBA-game map. All the owners of the game can take part in the competition after they qualify.

Prize fund: 1000 $ + 10% of the game sales, 64 places paid, the qualification stage will last for 4 months.

A slight step into cybersport should make more players involved. We invite all the Tower defense fans to participate and, of course, new players are also welcomed to join us!
Playing this game, you will find yourself in a world where there is magic and technology. Helping an insane scientist in search of the unknown, you can visit the most amazing places: from forests, to wild and dangerous lands, inhabited by various amazing creatures, from relatively harmless, ending with ancient, incredibly dangerous creatures.

Coping with them will help you inventions and findings of this most mad scientist, whom you have to defend, while he ... invent something, well, or dig it out, it does not matter, the main thing somehow works, right?

At your disposal will be a wide variety of towers: from machine guns to mass accelerators. You will even have the opportunity to roast someone with lightning, arrange an ice field or cause meteor shower.
• Tournament "MTL".
• Autogeneration of waves on the tournament map.
• More than 400 waves of creatures in 18 missions.
• 10 types of modified weapons.
• 3 kinds of different skills.
• Different levels of complexity.
• Unique species of creatures with their own characteristics.
• A variety of maps.
• Everything in the 3D world.

Magic Technology

3 / 5

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Author: Vulkano Forge
Size: 1 GB available space

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