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World Peace Simulator 2019 review

4.2 / 5


Tim Rachor


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World Peace Simulator 2019 Review

World Peace Simulator 2019 is an app developed by Tim Rachor. World Peace Simulator 2019 was first published on . It is currently available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

In this simulation it's all about global conflicts. Try to stay alive and play enemy countries against each other. Decide the right politics at the right time and your country will prevail.

"The world descends into World War III. This is your time to lead the Illuminati lodge to world domination. Select a country and influence its politics. Make it the only survivor and your lodge will prevail!"

Select one of more than 50 actual countries with different attributes like infrastructure, population, military force or stability and make it the dominant force in the world. Improve relations, blackmail other leaders, nuke enemy countries or try to fight terrorism.

Five different scenarios:
-World War Zombie: Survive the war AND the zombies. Stop them from spreading or infect other countries to ensure their downfall!
-Kim Jong's Nuclear Mayhem: North Korea actually IS the superpower it always claimed. Find allies in the world and prepare for the ultimate battle!
-Conquer the World: Demonstrate your military superiority by conquering every country of the world. But beware - the enemy empire has plans of its own.
-My Own Country: Create your own country from scratch and show the World that you still dominate!
-The Almighty Sandbox: Play with unlimited resources and change your country while playing to experiment with the simulation.

The game doesn't accurately represent the real world. I took some creative freedom to change the geography and values of some countries to improve the simulation, gameplay und user interface.

World Peace Simulator 2019

4.2 / 5

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Author: Tim Rachor
Size: 200 MB available space

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